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About Me

I am currently enrolled as a student at Mahindra University, pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree in the field of Electronics and Computer Engineering.

I am an individual who possesses a strong passion for monitoring market movements and identifying potential opportunities. As a proficient programmer, I take pleasure in engaging in projects, regardless of their size or complexity. I am known for my unwavering commitment to any task I undertake, persisting until completion. I enjoy tackling and resolving programming and real-life challenges that come my way.

In terms of my professional life, I am deeply engaged in the world of technology. As for my personal life, I find enjoyment in playing badminton and expanding my knowledge of computer hardware and software repair. While I have achieved minimal academic success, I have discovered that there is more to life than just formal education. I am particularly intrigued by case studies in the business world. Additionally, I have cultivated a consistent reading habit, primarily focused on non-fiction literature. Overall, I am a dedicated, light-hearted, and diligent individual named Rithik. For more information about myself and my work, I invite you to explore my website.

Work & Education


Mahindra University

As a third-year Electronics and Computer Engineering student, I continuously strive to enhance my knowledge and skills through personal projects and additional learning opportunities whenever possible.

April 2022 - Present

Markets Real Time Analysis With Algorithms

Personal Project

As an individual, I engage in a practice aimed at obtaining precise results by analyzing company data using diverse variables. My interest in financial markets extends beyond equity, encompassing options and future markets as well.

December 2020 - march 2021

Free Lancer (3 Months)

Adobe Creative Cloud (2 year Experience)

Over a period of three months, I engaged in freelance work on Fiverr and Upwork. Although the compensation was relatively low, my primary goal was to gain proficiency in web development syntax. During this time, I undertook several projects, including the creation of animations using CSS and JavaScript, designing logos, and editing videos for clients.

October 2020 - August 2024

Mahindra University

Bachelor's Degree (GPA-6.5/10)(Average of 2 Years)

Currently a Student at Mahindra University in the junior year, in the branch of Electronics and Computer Engineering.Mostly an average student on the side of academics but always being too much interested about computer netowkrs and backend of how computer works.

JULY 2018 - SEPTEMBER 2020


Intermediate (Marks-960/1000)

I was preparing for IIT since 6 th class but not very interested in the subject of Physics and Chemistry and always wanted to work on computers. I consider these two years were my down years as well as the years which gave me the oppurtunity to think in many ways.

july 2015 - july 2018

Shine High School

Schooling (GPA-9.8/10)

This was the most memorable days of my life participated in many science fair's and my hobby of collection of currencies(Numismatics) is discovered over here.


My passion and goal is to merge the Concept of Trade and Code.


all three languages logo

Object-oriented programming language (OOPS) was the primary motivation for my initial interest in Java. Subsequently, through practice and experience, I found myself increasingly at ease with both competitive programming and program development using Java. At present, I am proficient in programming using Java and its vast collection of libraries.


Python Logo Python Logo

Have used python in many of my Algorithmic trading projects.Machine Learning with python is more better than writing very complicated codes in other languages. I have Learned python in 2020 but many breaks have make lose some practice , but while learning Algorithmic Trading I found out the real power of python.Although i can't say I am a professional python programmer but I can use python to write complicated Algorithms.

Web Development

all three languages logo bootstrap logo

HTML , CSS , Bootstrap , Javascript are those languages I worked a lot .While developing this website I got to know many new animations and expressing creativity using Bootstrap and Css and many ways of clean coding. Learned in 2020 through Udemy and learned many animations through youtube.

C Language

C logo

I have always been skeptical in using C language as i feel it a bit complicated, but when I started to programme algorithms in C then I would feel that other languages are just making me lazy and not allowing me to think, I learned C language in 2021 though Udemy and writtern some Small Projects . I have Learned 3 languages(Till now) and C being the first among them.As C is a high level language but not as easy as Python with all the preloaded libraries.

Linux Command Line & Computer Networks

Debian packettracer

I owe my computer networking skills to Cisco, where I acquired comprehensive knowledge about servers, TCP and IP protocols, CAT Cables, and Network Switches. Proficiency in the Linux Command Line is not solely about memorizing syntax; it involves efficient implementation on servers or personal computers when needed. Additionally, the ability to navigate and interpret man pages is a valuable skill. I have utilized multiple Linux distributions such as Debian and Red-Hat based OS, including OpenSUSE, Kali Linux (planning to learn penetration testing soon), Ubuntu, Mint, and Ubuntu CLI.

Techinical and Fundamentals or Markets

I have been a Investor as well as a Rare trader since I turned 18. I have been always fascinated about the macroeconomics and Reading Balance Sheets of companies which tell us a lt about the company even without working in the company. Techinical Analysis is always been my most strong belief in the system because "Markets always discount".The Graph takes all the price fluctuations.So, I feel combination of Technical analysis and Fundamental Analysis can give edge to identify penny stocks as well as predict future of a blue chip stock.

Adobe Creative Cloud & UI/UX Design

Debian Figma

I was introcued to Adobe creative Cloud back in 2013.I have edited ton of Videos (Even Green Screen One's(Croma Keying)), Photos, Logos, Posters for Marketing, etc... I created my first app design in Figma but not Coded it.Then this is the full website i Createdd in figma and then wireframed it and then started to code for this website.


  • Interested on Blockchain Technology
  • Learning Database Management
  • Learning how Investment Banks and Mutual Fund houses Work
  • learning about Cyber Security


Here are some of my selected Projects I have done in the Past. Feel free to check them out.

Web Development Project

Personal Projects

This website is my personal Website and my first fully functional website,Soon many functionalities will be Launched and will be keeping it posted with content on Stock Market Analysis and Programming Projects.

Market Analysis

My view of market(Indian)

Blogs will be uploaded soon on Markets not only Techinical but also Fundamental Alalysis will be published.

Programming Projects

My Projects with [C, Python, Javascript, Solidity(Coming Soon)]

The projects made with mostly any language will be in this folder.Look into it and leave a review on those projects.

Algorithmic Trading

Filtering and Predicting Prices Using Algorithms

I use Machine learning algortihms like(LSTM, probably neural networks in the future ) with python. I am learning and not a pro programmer of using these algorithms and making predictions. I use some libraries like yfinance for live data and pandas to filter and numpy for calculations.


Adobe Creative Cloud, Digital Marketing, Investment Bank virtual Internship Projects, Computer Netowrks Projects

These are multiple projects which I have been in. These are projects which gave we a wide view on various fields.

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